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We recently held a company retreat with the objective of raising the bar for our company performance. As we started to make plans to bring key people off site the familiar grumblings started. Would this be a big waste of time? Would we take two days out of busy schedule to go and "talk about how to change things" only to end up farther behind because of missed work. Would anything really change because we go and "talk about it". People had their own personal stories of past experiences. We were wrong!

The best thing we did in planning this important retreat was to engage the professional services of Morris Coaching!

Steve Morris engaged the people. He started with some pre-work in advance of the retreat. He helped to nail down our goals for this event. All the team members were drawn into the heart of the issues we needed to discuss through Steve's leadership and facilitation.

Every team member remained fully engaged throughout the two day event. Something I thought would have been impossible. Through a variety of activities that drew each team member in we discovered solutions and ideas that continue to provide insight into our business and opportunities within.

Without exception each team member expressed gratitude and satisfaction with our results. We continue to have long lasting results following the session. The retreat has permanently changed our business for the better.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of a company strategy session to engage the services of Morris Coaching. It was the reason our company strategy session achieved exceptional results and it was the reason the aysayers were wrong about doubting their investment of time for this event.

Barrie Loberg
Ice Edge Business Solutions

Steve is extremely knowledgeable on all topics related to staying sharp mentally and physically. He takes innovative approaches to coaching and has helped me understand both the why and how of human performance. I achieved success working with Steve in this area that had eluded me foryears.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable.

Sean Cageorge,
Mainland Information Systems

Steve is passionate about all aspects of human performance, whether it is nutrition, exercise or cognitive ability he is extremely well versed in the theory and science of helping people perform at their best. I have learned a lot from Steve, he has helped me and my family make tangible changes that I am confident will last a lifetime.

Derek Manns
Mainland Information Systems











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